Epic Pop singer Alexa Ray is a recording artist, lyricist and songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Her former operatic training has led her around the world performing multiple venues across the United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States and winning multiple awards and competitions in her youth. Now, Alexa Ray is working to redefine the classical landscape with her unique style, blending the worlds of pop and film score to creating music for television, film and game.

Quickly becoming a sought after recording artist, Alexa has been featured on a number of tracks and worked with composers from around the world including David Chappell, Andrew Haym, David Eman and collectively has had her music streamed over a million times by audiences around the world. Most recently Alexa was a featured vocalist on End Of Silence album, ‘ A World of Color’, a compilation of compositions by David Chappell. In 2018 her debut track ‘Across The Seas’ was nominated in the Hollywood Music In Media awards for best Adult Contemporary. Alexa is currently working with Portuguese composer, Paulo Mendes as a soloist and lyricist on his next album, Elementia II. Other engagements include Digams Corp where she will be a featured soloist on the soundtrack of ‘End Chapter’ a video game set to release 2019 and currently working on her first album with ATOM MUSIC.